Benefits of working in an interdisciplinary environment
Our interdisciplinary environment provides an excellent platform for up-and-coming international researchers. Our former PhD students have all taken up postdoctoral or research scientist positions in academic institutions or industries across the world including Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Turkey and Mexico. Similarly, postdoctoral scientists trained in our lab have gone on to take up permanent academic positions. This is testament to the current global need for scientists that have both quantitative and experimental skills in Evolutionary Ecology.

I welcome applications from skilled and motivated individuals for both PhD and Postdoctoral positions to join our interdisciplinary team based at the University of Exeter.

Our focus is microbial evolution – from the adaptation to novel environments, diversification, through to the evolution of drug resistance. Our tools are lab based evolutionary systems and mathematical models – combining them gives us a powerful instrument for studying microbial evolution.

Postdoctoral funding
There are a number of funding sources available including BBSRC, NERC, Royal Society, Marie Curie, Wellcome, EPSRC. If you are interested in applying for one of these fellowships to work in my group, please send me an e-mail and we can discuss various options.

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